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Grey-Sun Information Services’ core philosophy is to “under promise and over deliver” as we constantly strive to exceed customer’s expectations. Historically, the industry of has focused its efforts and services on the support of for-profit corporations in the private sector. Recently, the industry has made the shift to supporting government entities in the public sector.

The founders of Grey-Sun Information Services are in the unique position of having years of experience providing technical support and consultation to not-for-profit agencies whose major sources of income are government contracts and charitable donations. Unlike most companies in the information services industry, we have an in depth understanding of the operations of the not-for-profit sector. At Grey-Sun Information Services, we understand that not-for profit organizations have complex needs that require efficient, customized and cost effective solutions. Our focus and experience in the not-for-profit sector allows us to keep our hands on the pulse of the industry.

Our customer base ranges from academic institutions to sports leagues and includes a suite of web based applications. We continue to expand our suite of web-based applications for use by Churches, Non-profits and Sports Leagues.

We have never taken funding from outside investors or venture capital firms. We believe it is our ability to mix technology with function and exceptional customer service that gives us our edge.